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RDW Environmental, Inc. is one of the nations leading suppliers of Air Purification Equipment. We have sold, installed, and serviced many of the Island Clean Air, Inc. air purification machines, in the Southeast and the Caribbean islands. We have dealer representatives in over 35 States, Caribbean islands, South & Central Americas.

One of our primary business centers is managing industrial wastes safely. We take this responsibility seriously. RDW Environmental partnered with Photographic Waste Control (PWC) to expand environmental services offered in the Southeast. PWC treats both hazardous and non-hazardous wastes from industrial sources throughout Florida.  Hazardous waste is a byproduct of our society. With our resources we can work together to provide for long term efficient, beneficial and economical waste stream management. This responsibility is crucial to your business and the environment.

RDW Environmental, Inc. performs Health, Safety, and Environmental audits, training, and compliance abatement activities to include DOT HM-126F training and EPA compliance activities relative to the Clean Air Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, Sara Title III and the Clean Water Act. RDW Environmental also develops and implements site specific OSHA compliance programs for Emergency Response, Hazard Communications, The New HCS-GHS Compliance Training, Ergonomics, Lock-Out/Tag-Out Protocol, Forklift Operators Certification Training, Bloodbourne Pathogens and Personal Protection Evaluation and Use.

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"Your Solution for Tomorrow's Environment Today"

Here at RDW ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., (RDW) we value our relationships with our clients. We believe that it is important to take the time to custom tailor our approach to best meet the needs of our clients.

Some of our capabilities include:

_2Site assessment and Remedial Actions.
_2Environmental and OSHA Site Audits.
_2Compliance Reports and Corrective Actions.
_2Liability Mitigation and Determination.
_2Air Quality Sampling and Analysis.
_2Air Pollutant: Abatement Equipment Sales and Installation.
_2Environmental Risk Management Analysis.
_2OSHA Employee Training and Management.
_2Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Coordination.

Our Company's commitment to the environment, years of experience, and an honest concern for our customers is what makes RDW's service unparalled. We give our clients the ability to make informed choices.



RDW Environmental, Inc. is a team of qualified environmental professionals.

We offer our customers a commitment to excellence in customer service and job performance. Through a "Total Solution" approach we coordinate and assist our customers in the complete management of their complex health, safety, and environmental issues.

RDW Environmental, Inc. offers cost effective and efficient disposal alternatives. We employ the right combination of management and technology advanced solutions to achieve our clients goals and reduce their liability and costs.


RDW utilizes "Tried and True" experience based methodologies to offer the client an industry-accepted answer that our clients can rely on to plan for the future.

RDW also pioneers the creation and application of innovative solutions to unique environmental and engineering problems.

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