Press Repair

Certified print press repair and installation.



Cylinder Repair:

We perform cylinder repair on-site to reduce down time and avoid cylinder removal. Repair consists of stainless steel plugs, ground and finished to a pre-sized diameter. This technique is proven to be durable and a cost effective approach to that of cylinder removal and off-site repair.



Custom Fabrication:

We engineer and custom build to improve equipment performance electrically and mechanically. We have over 35 years experience on Goss and Harris printing presses.



System Modifications:

Unit to unit phases, brush dampening, solid state drives, in-line finishing, and retrofit inking system are just a few of our system modification expertise.



Overhaul and Rebuild:

On your floor or in our plant in Fort Worth, Texas, we will restore your equipment to print quality at a minimal cost to you. We can rebuild your printing equipment on-site minimizing down time and enhancing production.




Custom made machined parts to specification. We also buy and sell web printing units and related accessories.


Turnkey Operation:

J B Offsets single source responsibility can be advantageous to the customer dealing with subcontracting rigors. Up time will be accelerated.



Transportation and Rigging:

Total handling from disassemble to reinstallation in a new location is available at competitive rates.



Air Filtration:

Air filtration systems and solutions provided by our partner and affiliate R.D.W. Environmental, Inc.



We are able to offer our clients a high quality line of products for offset printing, covering both areas, newspaper and commercial printing. Our plates then, are offset thermal positives, for CTP, developed with a last generation of technology to ensure the best reproduction of screenings in every color on any kind of paper to be used. Plus this, we can assure our clients the best performance and a longer durability. During printing runs.

Our plates manufacturing is performed into a big facility , with a surface of 32,800 Sqm.. This facility contains the most modern machinery and procedures in every section of the process, including electrochemical graining of aluminum, laminating, anodizing, electronic cutting and chemical emulsifying, all these to obtain the most accurate product for offset reproduction.

Other features of our plates are essential for pressmen work, like a high sensibility (since 2% of screen density); high durability (more than 100.000 copies without pre-burning); excellent dots reproduction and excellent level of flexibility and mechanic resistance to handle proper adjustment mechanisms on cylinders. All these advantages have allowed us to commercialize successfully more than 15 millions sgf per year all wide world.




Thermal CTP plates STP-I are certified by the International norm of high quality for offset products GB/T19001-2000/ISO9001:2000.

Plus this, it shows basic parameters that make them compatible with the most of CTP existing systems. So that, it is compatible with the most of current chemicals for plates developing systems, with just few adjustments of temperature and/or development speed.

Technical specifications of thermal plates STP-I:

Type: Possitive, thermal CTP plates
Sensibility: 830nm
Temperature: 22 - 24°C
Brush speed: 23 sec
Energy for exposure: 120-140 mj/cm2
Resolution: 200 lpi (1-99%)
Durability of work: 100,000 -- 200,000 impressions (This vary depending on the conditions of printing and the picture content)
Light sugested: Yellow light, or fluorescent tubes with UV filter
Max format: 1300 mm
Thickness: 0.006" - 0.008" - 0.012" - 0.016"



High sensibility
Excellent acceptability of fountain solution in hidrofilic zones.
High chemical resistance
High adaptability: Can be burned with any CTP thermal system termal with 830nm and can be developed with any chemistry or additive solution available in the market.
Can be handled under any kind of light.


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